Wednesday, 22 October 2014

BOHEM Nails Review

These nails were sent to me for review.

I was recently asked by BOHEM if I would like to try a pair of their nails, so I immediately said yes.
When they arrived they had actually sent me two pairs :)

They have given me a discount code for my readers which is neonsparkly and it will give you 25%  off the nails, it excludes the jewellery and accessories and is valid until 20th November.

When you order a set of nails you also receive a set of 12 super strong adhesive tabs, a polishing cloth and a nail buffer. You can now also buy them from Amazon.

BOHEM Nails Review
I love the packaging it is great for keeping the nails safe when you are not using them.

BOHEM Nails Review
The first set are custom Neon Sparkly Nails, that they made for me. These ones are my favourite out of the two pairs. The closest I can find on the website are these. These cost £29 for one or £55 for a pair.

BOHEM Nails Review
For this manicure I used Models Own Polish For Tans in Sun Hat, Shades & Flip Flop.

BOHEM Nails Review
The second set are Twister form the Gothic range. These cost £19 for one or £35 for a pair.

BOHEM Nails Review
For this manicure I used Models Own Hyper Gel in pink veneer with a coat of OPI Princesses Rule over the top.

They are really easy to apply, I will leave instructions below. The first set stayed on really well, the second set did get loose and fall off after about 4 hours but that may have been because I did't prepare my nails properly the second time.

The nails come in different sizes but they are all quite long, but I was told they are designing some shorter ones soon.
All of the nails are solid 925 sterling silver.

Although they are expensive they should last a really long time if you look after them and I have had loads of compliments.


  • Clean the back of your BOHEM nail with warm soapy water, to remove any grease or adhesive residue.

    1. Using tweezers, apply the BOHEM adhesive tab to the BOHEM nail and let it set for a few minutes. In the meantime continue with step 3.
    2. Remove any nail varnish from the nail to which you are applying your BOHEM nail and gently push your cuticles back.
    3. Buff your nail with a smooth buffer until the nail looks matt. Do not over buff, you are aiming to lightly scuff the surface of the nail to ensure the tab adheres strongly.
    4. Remove any dust created by the buffing from your nail with nail polish remover.
    5. Using tweezers, remove the secondary film from the BOHEM tab.
    6. Place the BOHEM nail on your natural nail, aligning the cuticle end first and, once you are happy with the position, press on your finger for 3 minutes, to ensure the adhesive has set.
    7. Do not pull your BOHEM nail, or get your nail wet for 30 minutes to make sure the BOHEM nail is completely secure.
    8. Your nails should now stay on for at least 24 hours.

    How to remove

    Simply hold the nail jewellery on the edges and twist gently from side to side; this will release the glue tab slowly, without damaging your natural nails. Alternatively, press on the BOHEM nail and slide it gently forward off your own nail. Once removed, clean the BOHEM nail and remove any residue from the adhesive tab with warm soapy water.
    Do not use acetone on your metal nail jewellery as this will damage the enamel.

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