Thursday, 29 August 2013

OPI Shatter Nail Polish Swatches

Last week I went into Poundland with my Grandma and saw they had some OPI Shatter polishes. They had the 4 colours I bought and also black but I already own that.
OPI Shatter Nail Polish Poundland
Silver Shatter, Red Shatter, Super Bass Shatter and Shatter The Scales

OPI Red Shatter Swatches
OPI Red Shatter

OPI Silver Shatter Swatches
OPI Silver Shatter

OPI Nicki Minaj Super Bass Shatter Swatches
OPI Nicki Minaj Super Bass Shatter, this is from the Nicki Minaj Collection

OPI Spiderman Shatter The Scales Swatches
OPI Spiderman Shatter The Scales, this is from the Spiderman Collection
Out of all of them the Nicki Minaj Super Bass Shatter is my favourite, especially when it's used over a white polish. If you are near a Poundland you should definitely have a look to see if they have any in, BeautyBay are selling them for £11.00 each.

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