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Nail Foils, Adhesive & Top Coat From Ebay

Last week I found someone on ebay selling nail foils and she had some really nice designs so I bought a few to try. Prices for the foils start at only £1.50!!!
Nail Foils from Ebay
I bought 4 different designs and also the adhesive and topcoat, For every 4 you buy you get 1 free. The seller also included another foil and a few small pieces too.

Nail Foils from Ebay

Nail foil adhesive and top coat from ebay
After talking to the seller she recommended using the top coat in her ebay store rather than a normal one here is the email she sent to explain it to me.
Happy to help. It's a long story, but the history helps.
It's all about the ingredients in the highly metallic/holo foils.
The "original" foils either had none or only a little metallic, like edging the flowers, or the little bit of marbling on "cool chick".

My supplier is the UK base to some really big brand names. He was amazed when I was refusing foils that were sold to them. I test them all personally before I stock them and have refused dozens of the brights. He said that they tested the adhesive but not the sealer. That meant that gradually the very brights were coming onto the market as nail foils, when really they should not have. The sealer reacts badly with foil ingredient. Clear polish, especially the quick dry are usually no good at all. The few metallics I have are ok with my sealer, but you can rarely use polishes.

Now you have the world following the lead of the big boys, and loads of very unhappy buyers when the foil "melts" or "crinkles".
Add cheap and nasty bright foils from Asia etc into the story and it ruins the reputation of the decent foils. Cheapies go on the nail ok but always the issue is applying the top coat.
Then buyers think the top coat is to blame.
A way of fixing the issue with the metallic if trying to use clear polish types is to foil the nail and then apply a couple of coats of adhesive as a barrier, let it set as usual and then use foil sealer or clear polish over it.

Buyers then realised that foils can work with acrylics, gels, Shellac etc. The clear top coat works great. There can be a problem with applying- the sticky layer not being evenly sticky enough to work as adhesive, so then you take that layer off and use foil adhesive as the instructions.

Now the newest issue is so-called "foil adhesive" coming from China etc. It seems that lots of this is the wrong glue entirely- just looks the same. I have seen feedback that some just don't work, some that have "gone off", and some that they think it is PVA glue etc. If it doesn't have a proper brand name on the bottle I would avoid it.

There will always be those who think it is ok to offer cheap stuff for a quick profit. I expect this is the same everywhere but it is much more noticeable recently in the nail art sector.

I think your best plan is to try any metallic/holo foils you have problems with using foil adhesive as the barrier.
Hopefully all this makes sense. Emoji Feel free to pass on this info to those who might need it.
I'd love to hear how you get on with any methods, as it all helps me give more help to buyers with problems of other foils when they ask me.

This is how I used the foils

Color club Mod in Manhattan
First I applied a base coat and two coats of Color Clubs Mod In Manhattan and allowed to dry completely.
ebay nail foils
You need to cut a small piece of foil for each of your nails. Then thinly and evenly apply a coat of adhesive to each nail and allow 3-5 minutes or you can use a hairdryer .

                                      ebay nail foils
Place the foil on your nail design side up and use a cotton bud or nail foil tool to firmly rub the design until it has all stuck to your nail, then carefully peel off rubbing again if part of the design has not stuck.

ebay nail foils

ebay nail foils
Now apply a generous coat of the topcoat and once dry apply one more coat. Don't forget to go over the tips of you nails to help prevent chipping, and then everyday apply another coat of topcoat so that gets the wear and tear and not the foils.
Click here to go the the ebay shop
Prices for foils start at £1.50, she also sells starter kits which are great value. The adhesive and topcoat cost £8.50 for both or are available to buy separately. If you need any help send Jenny a message she is really helpful and replied to all my messages very quickly. Postage was very fast, they arrived in a couple of days and were well packaged. I'll definitely be buying more from her ebay shop soon.

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