Friday, 9 August 2013

First blog post. Ciate haul & review

The first product I tried from Ciate was the Chalkboard Manicure Kit and I was a bit disappointed with it. My nails looked great when I did them but they chipped within a few hours. So when they recently had a 50% flash sale I decided to buy a few polishes to try to see if they would be any better.

The first thing I bought was the Very Colourfoil Manicure Kit in Carnival Couture.
I had been looking at this kit for a while so the flash sale was the perfect excuse to buy it. In the kit you get a 13.5ml Paint Pot in Kiss Chase, a 5ml foil fix glue, 30 foil sheets in 6 colours and a nail wheel. I was really pleased with this, it is really easy to do and looks great. I only had this on for one day as I wanted to try the other polishes I bought, but I will do another post sometime over the next week with some photos of how it looks and how long it lasts before chipping

I also bought all five of the Paint Pots from the Suncatcher Collection and a white Paint Pot in Snow Virgin as I have been looking for a really good white polish for a while. When I placed the order the Afterglow Paint Pot from the Suncatcher Collection was out of stock so I ordered it a few days later when they had more stock.
I have tried all of them and can get at least 2-3days before they start to chip, and I have finally found a white polish that I actually like!
The Afterglow Paint Pot makes your nails glow in the dark, their website says to use as a regular topcoat to add a hint of glistening-gold shimmer and leave to charge-up in daylight hours. The phosphorescent technology absorbs the light energy and ‘stores’ its charge. When night falls, your nails will give off a neon glow, for polish that never sleeps!
I will post some swatches of each of these colours over the next week so you can see how they look on and I will try to take a photo of them in the dark too.
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