Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure Kit in Carnival Couture Swatches & Review

In my first post I said I would post some pictures of the Ciate Colourfoil manicure Kit.
Ciate Colourfoil Manicure Carnival Couture
I bought the kit in Carnival Couture, and inside the box you get a Paint Pot in Kiss Chase, a bottle of Foil Fix Glue, 30 sheets of foil in 6 colours and a nail wheel.
Ciate Colourfoil Kiss Chase Swatches
First you apply 2 coats of polish and allow it to dry.

Ciate Colourfoil Foil Fix Glue
Once dry apply the Foil Fix Glue to the nails, you can either cover the entire nail or create a pattern. Allow a minute for the glue to become clear.

Ciate Carnival Couture very Colourfoil Manicure set
Now you just choose the sheet of foil you want to use and place it over the glue firmly and peel off.

Ciate Carnival Couture very Colourfoil Manicure set Seche Vite
Once you have finished applying all the foil you want to use seal the designs with top coat, I used Seche Vite .
I am very pleased with this kit it was really easy to use and didn't take very long to create the manicure, I find I can get about 2 days out of this before it starts chipping which is very good for my nails.
The price of the kit is £18.00 on the Ciate site and ASOS have the kit in Wonderland & Kaleidoscope currently in the sale at £10.00.
If you are considering buying any of the Ciate Colourfoil kits I definitely recommend them.

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